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  1. Hi, I'm a super network noob and don't know what else to do to fix this. I basically run my home on a Google Wifi mesh system and for some months I've been very annoyed that the Google puck only has 1 LAN port. That makes me keep switching the wired device connected to that port from a Plex server PC to a backup disk every other day. That sucks. In order to expand available LAN ports I added a simple unmanaged gigabit switch to connect the backup disk but the other devices (specially the Mackbook) do not "see" that device. If I plug the Plex server to the switch it is also no reachable to all clients. My Plex is setup to LAN only. This is how my network is setup (when I keep changing cables between PC and Time Capsule). This is what I would like to setup (Time Capsule and/or Plex server permanently connected): I can't tell if there is any additional config to be set in Google Wifi app or if this switch would not work to my needs. Thanks in advance for your attention!