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  1. normally i would just buy the components off amazon and pay a bit more for the shipping but due to the pandemic, i the price of shipping and the ability to ship some of the components is unavailable or way overpriced results in me needing to buy the parts in my system from my home country which is equally as expensive. so im kind of a bit over budget buy around 200-300$ so im trying to cut costs wherever i can which results in me needing to downgrade my CPU from the 5900X i was going to buy to either a 5800X with 8 cores but better single core performance or the 3900X with 12 cores but worse single core performance, they're equally priced in my country. due to personal reasons i cant wait for a sale on them. any idea what's better for me to get considering i dont have the budget for the 5900X?
  2. im more using many tabs and running multiple programs simultaneously
  3. I have like 5 captains some branded some not that I've gotten attached to. I wanted to know what are my chances they could appear in Shadow of War or if there is a way to import them into Shadow of War besides the 1 Nemesis and 1 Follower?
  4. Hi! I've Been playing shadow of Mordor finally and am on the "Lord of Mordor" Mission, the mission where you kill your Nemesis. I don't know what most people did, but I completely ignored the Sea of Nurrun Map (2nd Map), I just Dominated the Warchiefs and never got invested in them. the Uruks in Udun (1nd Map) on the other hand had spent the past 40 hours fighting and getting attached to both as enemies and as followers. so I discovered just now that all the work I did was for nothing as they play no role in the game at all from a certain point. is this just a bug, or will they return in the final mission of the game? or are they just irrelevant?
  5. considering the prices in my country (israel) being overpriced for almost everything as is i doubt the price will drop, sadly i cannot wait past the first week of november to order the build sadly. in terms of my use, things will likely change this year as things such as Game Development using Unity, Graphic Design and general use on the web (with firefox\chrome) are likely to be my most used apps for the next while though i still game somewhat often and am going to be learning Cinema next year and will likely edit more during that time, though likely still not that intensely. if it'd rate my use it would likely be: 1. General Browsing the Web 2. Game Development 3. Gaming 4. Graphic Design 5. Video Editing 6. Listening to Music im currently using a i7-4790k 4.0 Ghz and all the cores usually reach their upper limits in a moderate-shortish amount of time
  6. hi guys! im currently building a new pc and and now considering my CPU i was going to go with the 3900X due to it being superior for general use and different applications that arent specifically gaming (though i will game on it) the new amd event revealed the boost to cpu performance and im now conflicted as the 5900X is out of my price range and the 5800X has less cores and threads than the 3900X considering my use of the pc, and lack of knowledge on how cores and threads affect well anything, i dont know if i should wait and get the 5800X or just stick to the 3900X, what would you guys recommend? My Use: - General Browsing the Web - Listening to Music - Video Editing - Game Development - Gaming - Graphic Design Thank you!
  7. im considering getting the original dark rock 4 and have an additional fan from my old and unused 212 Evo does this improve temperatures or anything in general?
  8. actually its in NIS and its not available in the store im buying from sadly
  9. hello! im building a new pc with the new Ryzen 7 5800X and was wondering which of these coolers are better? What i Care About: - Price - Performance - Silence Price Difference (my country): Dark Rock 4 - 113.69$ Dark Rock Pro 4 - 127.90$ is the Dark Rock Pro 4 Worth the additional price? or can i just get nearly the same performance with the Dark Rock 4?
  10. lol how hilarious would it be if i told you they had none of them too
  11. HI! so im looking for a quality ips display, these ones also happen to have 75hz refresh rate which is great but i wanted to ask you guys what you think of them or if you have any other recommendations for ips displays (not a must 75hz but if you know one i would love that) What's important to me in the monitor: - Great Image Quality - 27 inch or more - the ability to pan the screen. (like left or right) - at least ok viewing angles My Monitors Use: 1. Gaming 2. Watching Movies (both from up close and from farther away) 3. General App Use 4. Light Video Production My Current Options: (ive also attached an image with them) 1. Samsung Led 27 Inch IPS S27R350FHM 2. Samsung Led 27 Inch IPS S27R650FHM 3. LG IPS LED 27 27MK430H-B 4. ASUS VA27EHE 27 LED IPS i don't mind a 1080p display if you have any other recommendations id love to hear them, it would help me out a ton!
  12. Wow thanks but your comments really helped me understand that i should get a higher quality Motherboard especially if i plan to use the PC for the next 4-7 years. so reluctantly i expanded my budget by around 150$ for all the parts at the end what do you think of the option of this TUF-GAMING-X570-PLUS?
  13. https://www.plonter.co.il/products_results.tmpl?command=search&db=^catalog.txt&eqcategorydatarq=%E7%EC%F7%E9%20%EE%E7%F9%E1&eqdivisiondatarq=%EC%E5%E7%E5%FA%20%E0%ED&eqshelfdatarq=AMD%20Socket%20AM4&cart=1601383446533979037&lang=heb&price_totalTYPE=num&price_totalsort=1&show=1 i hope you can manage to understand the language or the google translate feature works for you
  14. Hello! i care alot about good audio and am planning to buy the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro to be my main set of headphones. My Use: Listening to Music, Playing Games, Video Editing Platforms: PC, PS4, Mobile but i don't understand Ohms, i was originally going to get the 250 but understood they aren't good for my use especially since i dont own an amp what should i buy? and what is the difference between them?