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  1. I got that same issue when i upgraded my really old laptop (winVista, 2007) which turned out to be an issue with my ram driver, since it is not compatible with windows 10. But i'm not certain if that is the same for you.
  2. I was looking around some websites and found this on a german website, idk what the use of it is. It says it is an coprocessor made by Intel? https://www.it-market.com/en/hewlett-packard/hp-proliant-server/hp-proliant-accessories/hp-e2m34a2?gclid=CjwKCAjw8MD7BRArEiwAGZsrBdNMBCx_DGqMeP4uwOFhjZrH3rNPe7jVapYWqSV6rwOCyumoQrXcdhoCvEIQAvD_BwE