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  1. So after waiting for a week or so, My laptop has been repaired free of charge by ASUS . They replaced the whole LCD module and it looks brand new. A little problem though, when they replaced my display, it seems that they didn't reconnect my Left speaker and the keyboard backlit cable properly. They send me the device back and I'm unable to use the backlit keyboard and there is some crackling noise from the left speaker. I sent the device back to ASUS once again and it is the problem is repaired the following day. finally my laptop is now problem free Thank you very much guys
  2. Thank you for the reply guys. After tinkering with the RX 580 for a week, I found that the Power Color Red Dragon RX 580 4 GB GDDR5 variant has VBIOS switch which can be set to either the stock VBIOS or the non-stock VBIOS. It seems that the previous owner has indeed altered the VBIOS in someway to overclock the card and I can change the VBIOS to stock just by toggling the switch. However, as suggested by -rascal- I will use the overclocked VBIOS because there are no drawbacks that I'm aware of and the performance boost is quite significant Thank You very much guys
  3. Hi guys I might need some help to explain this weird things on my new pair of GPUs. I just recently bought 2 2nd hand Power Color RX 580 4GB GDDR5 graphic cards for my family PCs. While both cards has been performing great without any issues, I noticed that one of the RX 580 has a significant higher FPS in benchmark (around 15% higher FPS in Furmark @122 fps compared to the other card @105 fps). When I checked the Radeon Adrenalin software, I noticed that the only difference between the two is in the memory clock where the higher performant card has 2000 MHz VRAM and the other card has 1750 MHz VRAM. From Power Color website, the stock VRAM clock should be at 1750 MHz. What leaves me confused is that I'm not running any overclocking software on the 2000 MHz VRAM RX 580 and I would like to know whether it is possible to change the default GPU VRAM clock within the RX 580 itself? Thank you for your response My higher performant RX 580 VRAM Clock The stock Power Color RX 580 VRAM Clock from its website
  4. Thanks for the suggestion guys, I tried entering bios and the problem still persists. I decided to send my device to ASUS Service Center and they said the replacement process could take anywhere from 1 week to 2 weeks. They said that this problem should be covered by the device's 24 months warranty too and I won't be charged. I will give some updates after ASUS replaced or fixed(?) my device. Thank you guys
  5. Help, i left my laptop connected to my samsung TV HDMI (but the TV is turned off) overnight and i when i checked my laptop in the morning, there are vertical darkish line on my laptop’s left and right screen corner. I have disconnected the HDMI and i have restarted my laptop but the problem persists. any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated. The laptop model is Asus Zenbook 13 UX333FA. The unit itself is still under warranty, but I’m hoping to solve this issue without sending the device for repair (ASUS Service Center is known to be very slow in my country and i need my laptop for my study). Thank you