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  1. Out of 10700 k and 3700x which one is best? Which has better raw performance. i have never done overclocking. So don’t know i will be able to do overclocking.
  2. Budget (USD) $1500 -2000 Video editing and live streaming. I want to build a pc for full hd video editing and live streaming. I am confused with right processor. In India ryzen 5 3600 and i7 9700K cost almost similar, $20 price difference. i5 10400 cost more cheaper than ryzen 5 3600. Is this the right time to build pc?
  3. Do i really need 2070 gpu? May i go with 1660 super with more vram. I m not going to play game.
  4. Budget: $1500-2000 USD Country: India I am a teacher and want to build a pc for video editing and streaming purpose. Basically i need dual monitor setup. software i use are OBS, IVcam, adobe audio, filmora and premium pro. want live video feed from DSLR and mobile too and want to use dual monitor. Output video resolution be of 1080. This is the right time to build pc. I don’t want to upgrade my pc in 2-3 yrs once its build. Kindly suggest me complete component list must include . I don’t want to do any overclock. 1. There should be enough port for dual monitor and camera. 2. Does any mouse and keyboard help in video editing. Not going to play any game on system.