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  1. so my fans on my 7870 doesn't spin unless i force them on with msi afterburner, in order to do that i have to put the fan speed above 83 or it wont turn on. i looked all over the internet and found no fixes pls help. xeon w3550 12gb ram hp z400 motherboard hp z400 psu msi 7870 ghz edition
  2. so theres no display with the optiplex board but its works fine with my main pc
  3. okay so i ran into a problem with my budget build, my hd 7850 isn't working with my dell optiplex 3020 board. now i tested the card in my main build and it works fine so its not the card, then i tested the optiplex board with a rx 560 works fine. so what is causing the hd 7850 not to work with the optiplex board?