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  1. So as an almost 34 year old with a job, a wife (who also has a job) and a 15 month old daughter, I shouldn't have even bothered to enter? 2 bedroom apartments in Los Angeles go for $2,000+ per month. Granted we were lucky and have been rent controlled for 7 years ($1,690/month for a 750 square foot 2 bedroom is a steal out here). Now granted, I'm not saying I deserve anything. I mean no one really NEEDS a gaming computer to survive. But saying "a grown up with a full time job" shouldn't be considered is a weird take.
  2. Similar for me. It's either back to the drawing board and start a script for next year, or wait til all the October releases are out and actually in stock so the "old" generation goes down in price. Thoughts on what the price of a Ryzen 3600 will be if/when a 5600 comes out?
  3. 25% means you're in the top 12 (3/12) 50% means you're in the top 6 (3/6) 75% means you're in the top 4 (3/4) So if you're any of those, you're already in the honorable mentions.
  4. I was able to edit it in Youtube video editor... you just hear Sh** now. Hopefully they hadn't already watched the submission.
  5. I'm 95% certain views don't matter. They allow for private submissions, which by definition can only be viewed by people with the Youtube link.
  6. Probably should have bleeped the 1 swear in my video. Also, the music I use isn't public domain, but I feel as though my video should fit under fair use. I mean, I don't see why potential monetization (or lack thereof) of someone else's video would effect the LTT channel, since the videos aren't being posted on their channel. But it's still something in the back of my mind. Either way, I had fun and that's really what matters.
  7. Tried all those things. Resetting the headphones was promising as it brought the lag to about half a second initially, but the longer I watched a video the lag got longer until it was back to 2 seconds again. Also, I have to manually sync the headphones with the PC every time. They don't just auto connect like the did on the previous dongle. Headphones are Sony WH CH400 if that matters Edit: Actually the headphones do auto connect, it just takes about a minute. Every time it reconnects it is about half a second slow, and as before eventually slows down to 2 second lag.
  8. 7 years ago I bought an HP Envy H8-1534 that has built in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. After a Windows update, both those stopped working. Wouldn't be much of an issue since I plug right into the Ethernet and use wired headphones instead. My daughter knocked over the computer while the headphones were plugged in and the headphone jack is unusable. To get Bluetooth capabilities, I had to buy a dongle from Amazon. It worked alright until my daughter broke the antennae, greatly reducing the signal. Technically still useable but it cut in and out. I bought A newer dongle that had Bluetooth 4.2 instead of 4.0 like the old one had. Now my sound lags by literally 2 seconds, which make video editing a hassle. I plugged the old dongle with the broken antennae back in, and now that one is also lagging by 2 seconds. I looked for the most recent drivers, but that didn't help. Any ideas? I'm borderline thinking of getting a new PC soon since I'm so out of date anyways.
  9. They said "if"... Very unlikely to be the main deciding factor.
  10. Yeah, I only focused on how bad mine was for like 12 seconds. But I was averaging 5.5 words per second for most of the video, so I fit a decent amount in.
  11. We were just speculating. Who knows what they're looking for this year. And really if you think about it, is anything truly "original" at this point in human history? My video is different than most others, but it's still just a rip off of Ant Man. Don't worry. As long as you had fun during the process and maybe learned something along the way, it's still worth it. Winning is an added bonus.
  12. And like you said in your video, you didn't do a generic commercial or rig showcase. I think 2 years ago, one of the winners did a rap, which caused a lot of people last year to do rap videos, none of which won. Last years winners really pushed the infomercial which you are seeing a lot of this year.
  13. Close. HP Envy H8-1534 as is with no upgrades. But yeah, we're both 7+ years behind.
  14. Obligatory "this is my video" post. 300 word script in the first 54 seconds, so about 5.5 words per second. 1) I know it's meme-ish 2) The brass instruments towards the end cover some of my VO 3) Could have had better B-Roll instead of stock images, but I'm talking so fast that video cuts might be even more jarring.
  15. I'd kill for an rx460... According to UserBenchmark, it's 300% better than what I have now. I mean, I've been planning to build a new computer, but I've decided to wait until November for multiple reasons. 1) I'll know the results of this contest by then. 2) AMD will have launched it's Zen 3 by then, so Zen 2 should be cheaper. 3) Black Friday Just goes to show, some contestants have better PC's, some have worse... It comes down to execution on the videos.