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  1. Daash

    GPU Suggestion

    doesnt a 1650 bottleneck me lol
  2. Hi all, i'm planning on upgrading my gpu to something current gen since i feel like my current gtx 960 palit 2gb isnt enough for like video editing and games. So can anyone suggest a suitable one for my build? Intel Core i3-4150 G.skiil ddr3 16gb Nvidia GTX 960 Adata Ultimate SU800 128GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 500GB 450W PSU i think it's around 400W So i did some research online and it seems people suggest the 1050ti but .. is it really worth it.. appreciate the feedback thanks
  3. Daash

    SSD Health

    Wow so what's the point of even having this apps.. like i was sick worried judging by the temperatures peaking over 60 and health.. But on a side note if i do want to evaluate the health in the future i just have to check the smart data then? If there's some errors or messages then i know it's dying or something correct?
  4. Daash

    SSD Health

    I don't really understand what you mean by that.. so the health percentage isn't reliable ..? This what my smart data looks like.. What is the use or purpose of smart anyways? I'm not an expert by all means
  5. Daash

    SSD Health

    Hi there, i've been using a pretty decently aged ssd for about a few years i think? Bought it around 2018 i think.. And suddenly i'm having problems with the health day by day. It's been declining few days.. just last week it was at 82% and today it's already at 79%. Is this a good thing or bad thing.. I'm planning on switching to something more reliable since i'm heavy on editing and this also runs on my main OS Also side note the temperature for this ssd hits 60*C at times and begins bogging down my premiere pro workflow
  6. my bad forgot we had a troubleshooting section.. Also on a side note my ssd's health is dropped lol like look at what it is at today. honestly could this be the problem to my premiere pro's lag
  7. first question : yeah. 2nd question : A month ago i wasn't heavily editing like daily but it could perform simple tasks like cut, trim , replace in after effects preview clip and stop. but now it's less of that. I don't know how updating windows can kill it this bad lol.. my latest version of windows is still 1909 , 18363 cause i've disabled something auto updates for only security stuff.. So if im not all mistaken i'm not necessarily on the latest 2009 builds or whatever it is.
  8. Hi there, so lately i been editing some footages on premiere and i'm occasionally getting lag when i scrub through the timeline and playback, sometimes the playback goes on and on despite me hitting the spacebar. This hasn't happened before i am an avid editor and i've edited even 4k footages and i don't blame my pc or let alone premiere pro being the problem cause i think right after i updated windows or some update it begin happening. HOWEVER, i did perform some tests and this are the results.. As you can see my ssd is at 81% and HDD is like spanking new so would it be safe to point it on the ssd? AND THEN, I did some benchmark tests and well i can't come to a conclusion.. Also fun fact i'm runnin on pretty old specs from 2014-2015 if ya can't notice My point what's probably causing the lag when im editing? I mean i can browse, spam click, play games fine but only editing is the problem... And should i really upgrade i mean are my parts really wearing and tearing already? What do you guys think as experienced pc builders.. appreciate the feedback