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  1. SO i recently upgraded from a 1060 6 gb to a 1070 ti and was trying to get a little extra out of it , But my temps are going too high...Or what i think is too high?! idk... With a +200 Mhz on the core i am getting temps near 86-89 C* with some rare Spikes to 92* C (With aggressive aka Max fan curve) At default without overclock and Base fan curve (i.e. off till needed) my Idle is 56*-58* C I am using Aerocool Bolt Case with 1 Front intake and 1 rear exhaust setup... Cpu : i5-6500 Ram: DDR4 2666Mhz HyperX Fury 8x2 Gpu : 1070 ti MSI GAMING (Obviously) Mbrd: MSI h170 gaming m3 Please help me know if there is an Anomaly here in my Card or it's just Airflow....