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  1. Right now Im using ableton and I just looked up your question, this is what I found. "Ableton Live supports multiple cores in the meaning different threads are spread over any available cores. It can be important knowledge to note that in Live a track (there are almost always multiple tracks happening btw) — or it's representation in machine code — is never spread over more than one core. As cores are in a relatively low maximum supply, that means each core is solely working on multiple tracks, on top of system and other processes running in the background outside of Live." "Workflow types, plugin chains, and channel processing matter just as much as system hardware. Unless the user plans their workflow around Live's limitations, throwing as many cores and threads as possible at Live and expecting better performance vs fewer cores and threads is a bad idea and a waste of money. Also regarding the information provided by Ableton regarding separating workload across threads or cores: keep in mind that there is a tradeoff between using a single instance of an effect to apply across several channels (limiting processing to a single core) vs creating multiple instances of the same effect to split across multiple cores. The more channels you need to create additional instances of that effect on, the smaller the benefit. It may be distributing the workload, but that same workload is then increasing exponentially because you're running several instances of a plugin/effect. Live is optimized for live performance and cannot spread the load of certain workflow situations across cores and threads that other DAWs can." Unfortunately I don't know all that much about interpreting this or if I will end up switching to FLstudio or protools in the future (according to that second explanation, these softwares may behave differently). What I do know is that my laptop I am using right now (really not a great one) has enough latency when I use a synth or a launchpad as a midi controller to be pretty irritating to use. I'm also unsure if a cpu well suited for gaming would be equivalent to a cpu well optimized for the music production software. I plan on immediately using the pc for a lot of gaming but I really want to expand into music production in the future so I guess when it comes down to it I would be willing to shell out a few extra bucks for a better cpu that can handle both well rather than sacrificing performance in one case for the other. Again I'm not sure if I can even have both options, it may just be that I have to pick what programs I want to have better performance, games or music production. Like I said in the request I would rather buy once and cry once than have to upgrade the cpu in the near future because I wanted to save a quick buck in the short term. I'm sorry if I couldn't answer your question well I'm really a noob when it comes to this but I hope what I said helped.
  2. Thank you so much! I have a question that I forgot to talk about in the original request, is there mounting hardware that exists to increase the number of contact points between the case and heavier components inside the case like the graphics card or cpu cooler (if I end up getting an air cooler instead of an all in one cooler)? My concern is that I will have to move my pc around on long drives and bumps in the road may shake the system enough to damage the components inside that are hanging off of one mounting point. My worst fear would be jostling the machine enough to the point where a heavy cpu cooler might rip right out of the mounting bracket and break the motherboard since it is hanging and only supported in one spot. I'm not sure if some special hardware or some special case exists thats made to solve this problem, or if that hardware might have compatibility issues for certain components but I would love to hear your thoughts if you know anything about this.
  3. I would really appreciate that, another thing I wanted to add to my description request was to maximize the amount of mounting points for the components in the tower because I will have to move the PC around and I don't want something like the cooler hanging off the cpu (which if it ends up being an air cooler would have one mounting point) to get damaged if I hit a bump in the road while I'm driving for example.
  4. I would be ok with waiting a while, I assume it will help me save money on a graphics card which I could spend on other components.
  5. Budget (including currency): $2500 USD Country: United States of America Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Mostly Gaming: Fallout, Arma 3, FS2020, X Plane, DCS, VR, Squad, KSP 2 (hopefully soon!) etc. - Music Production: Ableton 10, Pro tools, FLstudio - Maybe some CAD programs in the future like NX12 or solidworks but that's not a main priority. Other details I would like peripherals to be included in the cost. I assume I will need to purchase a windows license too. Eventually I would like to upgrade these peripherals to a multi monitor setup with HOTAS for flight simulators like DCS world but for now Id just like one nice monitor, keyboard, and mouse. I can't decide between 1440 or 1080. Anyways, I have never built a PC before but I am not afraid to try! I am just very intimidated by the process of selecting which components are going to be in the build and sorting out compatibility. My budget is pretty firm but I would like to buy once and cry once so to speak, so going slightly over budget isn't automatically a deal breaker. I would like to build this PC as a devoted gaming rig as the only programs other than games I may run for any significant period of time would be DAWs and other music production software. I guess the standard request is to maximize my performance as much as possible while leaving some room for potential future upgrades to try to fight my machine being obsolete after a few years. As I stated previously, the only taxing upgrade I plan on getting in the future is a better set of monitors but for now I only need one. I am not sure what other details may be relevant to help you all make your suggestions but please let me know if you happen to have any questions. I really appreciate the help and look forward to reading your suggestions! EDIT: I wanted to add that I will have to transport this PC in long car rides occasionally so I was wondering if there is any hardware made to increase the number of mounting points between heavy components in the case and the case itself. My concern is that if I hit a bump in the road the mounting point for something like the cpu cooler or the graphics card may break due to the jostling. Please let me know if you have any ideas!