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  1. Interesting development, I took out my SSD and put it in my friends machine to see if it would work in installing windows. It worked. Windows successfully installed on that machine and was up and running, with the same flash drive that I thought was faulty. I bring it back to my PC? Doesn't boot. There's something wrong in my bios and I have no idea what. Neither my SSD or my flashdrive work, and now I'm just SOL as far I can see.
  2. It was observed working on his system. It is not working at all on mine. I'm going to see if it boots without my drives connected. EDIT: Disconnecting the sata ports did not change anything. I'm at a loss.
  3. I'm really confused. I had a hard enough time getting a bootable flash drive to work from ubuntu, and I currently have one thanks to a friend. I only have one system here to work with, so I can't reflash the windows drive after nuking Ubuntu, because there would be literally nothing for me to flash windows with then.
  4. How could I wipe a drive when I have a Windows USB that won't boot so I can't manage partitions that way, and Ubuntu probably won't let me destroy itself trying to wipe its own partition in GParted?
  5. I have a USB, tried setting both the UEFI and Legacy configuration to first boot to no avail. I can't wipe my primary drive, or I'll have no OS at all and be stuck with a system that doesn't boot. It really should be that simple, but it's been nothing but a headache.
  6. As the title implies, I went on an adventure in linux. Tried Solus, Ubuntu, Manjaro, and Zorin. While I had fun, I decided it was time to go back to Windows. I'm currently on Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa, and I tried to making a USB via WoeUSB and also just by mounting the ISO and copying the files. Neither of those worked, though WoeUSB proved more prospective than the other method. All right. No worries. I get ahold of a friend of mine, and he drops me off a USB. Entirely different method, using the Media Creation Tool in Windows. Oddly enough, this produced the same results as WoeUSB. (different method, ISO, and thumbdrive entirely) I thought to myself "allright, might've funked up my Bios settings. I'll reset to defaults". No dice, same result. Below is a video displaying the issue in full. This is occuring on a Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 motherboard, that previously had no problems installing windows when needed. I'll also provide my partitions if that could give any indication as to what's going on. Thanks!