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  1. As per the Z490-F manual, If you use M.2_1, SATA6_52 (or something like that) is disconnected; I've made VERY sure, that the slots being disconnected/disabled are not one of those ports.
  2. Sadly that isn't possible, the only other build in my household doesn't support M.2, and my friends have the same issue - no M.2 support. It's literally a week old, this sucks.
  3. Hi everyone, Recently I did some upgrades to my system, which includes a new motherboard, CPU, RAM and M.2 SSD (970 Evo). It worked splendid for multiple days, when I started feeling bottlenecked in Modern Warfare (which was installed on the new M.2). I decided to run a Userbenchmark to see if anything was up, upon running this, after the benchmark was done, the Userbenchmark reported back with missing SSDs/HDDs. When I went into my disk list, I noticed my M.2 was gone, so I rebooted .. Oh boy. Upon rebooting, I just had a black screen with no indicators, keyboard, mouse and monitors were on and connected, however, no display/POST(?). I was furious, no clue what to do, so I decided to start from the beginning, assemble one part at a time, to figure out what is going on. I quickly realized, that everything was perfectly fine, as long as the M.2 wasn't placed inside my build. What can be wrong..? CPU: i5 10600k MOBO: Asus Z490-F RAM: Corsair 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) GPU: RTX 2080 TI SSD: Samsung 860 EVO SSD: Kingston (something something) regular SSD M.2: Samsung 970 Evo