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  1. My problem started when I replaced my 2 RAM stick, my pc went into a boot loop until the bios restarted at the factory, there I noticed that the XMP profile activated does that, deactivated it works fine but when I started to play the pc froze, restarted and turned on but within seconds of being on the desktop it froze again and when I restarted it started in an infinite boot loop without making it turn on. The solution to turn back on was to change the gpu slot x16 to slot x4, it worked well until the same thing described above, switch to slot x16 again and now I'm writing from this pc. I don't know if it's for motherboard, ram or gpu. Any advice? Thanks! My pc: i5 9600k Aorus z370 gaming 3 Gskill trydent z royale 3600mhz evga 2070 black