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  1. I soi just realised something...and it makes me feel kinda dumb, moonzy you were right about it being power limit. with the position i have my laptop charger plugged in i am not able to see it. it turns out it was just plugged out, i was starting to get really worried and wondered if somthing was wrong with my cpu since i only recently upgraded nothing should have been happening. Thanks alot guys i probably wouldn't have found out that it was plugged out until it died, i tested it while it was pluggedin and the frequency did go up to 3.34ghz and then i plugged it out and it dropped to the exact 83% 1.5ghz i'm really sorry for wasting your time on a mistake as dumb as this
  2. Alright so i just did a stress test using intel xtu and across all cores I'm getting 100% as well as the clock speed was around the 3ghz mark its dropped to 2 ghz now but this is confusing because blender renders only uses 83% at 1.5ghz
  3. the TDP is only 7W though whenever its rendering, the full spec of my system is a lenovo ideapad 330s-15Ikbm with 4 and 8gb ram (12gb) 2400Mhz ddr4, intel uhd graphics 620 and the stated cpu
  4. thanks a lot, it does suck if i cant change it. but the thing is it sometimes would boost to 3.4ghz and that is while its at 100% so i don't know what has changed since to cause this
  5. Yeah i look at the core temps and across all cores its around 60c. but if its power limit how to i resolve it. I should probably mention by now that i did use intel XTU but i only increase the amount of power it could use but later deleted the app since i suspected that of possibly being the one responsible
  6. So I am currently using a intelcore-I5-8250U it has a base frequency of 1.60Ghz and turbo up to 3.4Ghz my problem is that when i do any sort of 3d render the cpu only utilizes 83% specifically 83%and doesn't pass that. And the frequency it shows is 1.49Ghz i'm wondering what the problem is and from trouble shooting i can't find what could be causing this problem please help but once the system is idle the frequency jumps back to being normal and boosts to 3.4Ghz but only when the cpu is not under load I also have power settings set to windows ultimate performance setting as shown below