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  1. So i tried to install Pop on my secondary M.2 SSD but i couldn't set the 'Free space preceding' variable to 0, only 1. I got an error message as seen below, so i also can't click Erase and Install.
  2. Yeah Pop seems pretty decent. I've looked at reviews and as things seem more people recommend PopOS over Kubuntu. I don't know what's the case with Pop vs. regular Ubuntu tho. May i ask why do you recommend Pop a bit more specifically?
  3. So if i did understand it right, then GRUB is a built in boot manager to Linux right? What is the difference between booting with GRUB or simply booting from the BIOS when starting? This assuming that the BIOS gives me the option to choose the OS i want to boot up at the startup.
  4. I'm planning on moving my productivity and basic workflow to Linux but i want to run a Windows OS too, because of gaming. I'm currently running a 250GB M.2 SSD and an old 500GB drive. I don't know which one i should install the different OS's, I'm guessing i should reserve the SSD for the Windows because of games. I would also like to know how to set it up that i can choose between the two OS's in the boot-loader. I don't know if it automatically gets set up as a choosable option or not. I will appreciate every tips, suggestions and solutions.