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  1. I saw the Fractal and it looks ok, I'm just spoiled coming from a cheese grater Mac Pro, I'd love to find something closer to that style of build and clean style. I found a brand called Streacom and I like their designs but they seem to be caught up making fanless itx cpu ovens
  2. Hi to all the LTT Forum, noob here, so sorry if this is a common thread. I've been working around IT for years but its actually been over 15 years since I built a PC from scratch. I'm finally in a position to build a monster and I love the build features of the higher end cases, but I couldn't give a stuff about all of the tempered glass and LED lighting. I'd just like to find a great solid large (ish) ATX case with an classy exterior finish and build quality, something with lots of nice build features, minus the faff. Does such a case exist, and if so, where do I start? I'm planning to build it around the next gen ryzen 9 or next gen (PCIE 4.0) Intel i9. I'll be starting off air cooled but with the possibility of going water in the future. What are your thoughts, please be kind!