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  1. according to their website you can contact support for AM4 bracket for X61, which I did, but I have yet to hear back from them. because of corona it can still take some weeks probably, but if I dont forget i can tell you if I got it. The question is how i can convince them that i purchased a kraken cooler, since i dont have a receipt
  2. hopefully a splitter is good enough, both usb 2 connectors cant be spared
  3. nvm i figured i could just order a USB2.0 splitter cable, there are already so many cables hanging around in my pc that it wont make any difference anymore anyways
  4. on laptops they bluetooth cards are also PCIe i think, so why shouldnt there be some that run off of pcie for desktop`?
  5. Hey guys! I just wanted to know if there is a cheap WIFI - bluetooth combo PCIe 1x card that does not require any cable to be connected besides the antennas! All of the ones i saw on amazon had an additional cable that needed to be installed either a USB or SATA. I dont have a free USB motherboard connector nor do I have an unused SATA connector, so the card needs to run solely off the PCIe 1x slot both in terms of power delivery as well as data transmission! thanks in advance, folks!
  6. SHOULD doesnt help much, can you tell me for a fact, that the mounting on LGA 1200 and the upcoming AMD socket is the same as the older AMD socket and LGA 1150 or 1155 ?
  7. Hey folks! So with the new AMD cpus launching soon i might be considering upgrading in the next couple of months. I am currently running a nzxt x61 AiOthat i bought either in 2016 or 2017 and i was wondering whether i can install the cooler on the upcoming AMD motherboards with the included mounting kit or on the current Intel cpu generation (10xxx)? thanks in advance, folks!
  8. nvidia cards always had a lower TDP than AMD cards, i dont see how a 500w 90+ psu wouldnt be able to power a 980 as long as enough power connectors are available (some of the PSUs give you two 6 pins while others give you a single 6+2 so you need to make sure that the card you buy is compatible
  9. thanks for the info, i already got a 1080 ti, but i might be replacing my current mobo, cpu and ram, so theoretically i could build another system with that. Unless you are using Resolution scale my 1080 ti is being bottlenecked by the i5 anyways in newer games also 580 and 980 are totally good enough for 1440p 60hz if you are willing to use FXAA instead of TAA or MSAA
  10. kryonaut is an actual paste and not Liquid metal, correct?
  11. Hey folks, I was just curious as to whether it was theoretically worth it to spend like 120-130 bucks on a r9 290x or 150 bucks on a gtx 980 today for a used card so you can get an affordable pc or is it better to just buy a newer gpu but the lower end model with a similar performance, sort of how the gtx 970 was as powerful as the gtx 780 and the 1060 probably as powerful as tge gtx 970 i was just curious what your opinions would be
  12. the problem is connecting the cables again when yo ureassemble, so you kindan eed to half install the cooler, plug in all cables and then make sure to not mess up the new thermal paste and get it everywhere else. Also what is considered to be the best thermal paste? Back in the day I always ordered a tube of Arctic MX4 when i installed a cpu cooler or reinstalled it
  13. Hey community! I just had a question, do you guys know which gpu manufacturers create gpu coolers that are easy to remove and install again? I have had the problem with two gpus already where after 3 or more years of use the thermal paste (that often isnt great to begin with) really starts being a bottleneck even without heave overclocks. On My current gpu (Aorus 1080 ti) I ouldnt even remove and install the cooler again properly because there are several tiny cables that are too short that you cant manually plug them in unless you have small fingers and special skills, so i kinda had to leave with it. Even without overclocks on a longer gaming session in a 25°C room with the fans at max speed and the gpu clocking to around 1900mhz the temperature of the card is 85°C, when it was new it was around 78°C. I know that temperatures dont matter for durability, but i cant even get a proper overclock done at these temps. I know the explanation isnt necessary but i wanted to state it nonetheless. So from your experience which gpu coolers are easy to remove and install again in your experience? Are AIO watercooled gpus and the reference cooled gpus easier to install? thanks for the help and yours sincerely, 45HardBall