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  1. @For Science! i was just about pull out my AIO pump after one more gaming session and the squeeky noise is gone! idk why but it is gone, it still makes a buzz at 100% but i put it down a bit so it is silent and temps are normal.
  2. i got the pc built at centrecom, ill ask them if they can help me out with the AIO pump
  3. when i do %100 it makes a very loud buzz and is very annoying and i can hear it through my headset
  4. ok so i unplugged my fans and recorded the sounds, their is a noisy gpu fan but i put some text to show u what sounds are the pump. it is the highest pitch noise, it isn't continuous as i said. also a pic of the other side of the pc. New video.mp4 New video.mp4
  5. ill go into bios and set the pump spead to a steady %60 and see if i can still hear it, ill also turn off fans and record again
  6. video-1601114545.mp4 the high pitch squeek u here is what i am having trouble with, i can here it when case is closed. don't mind that deep buzz u here, thats just the fan and i cannot hear those, just that high pitch, i am 99% sure its coming from the Pump
  7. thanks for the reply, it does not sound like that at all, sounds electronicy if that makes sense. sounds like the pump is pumping liquid or something. it sounds like a coil wine but it isnt continuous at all. just starts and stops for 1 second, then 10 seconds later is starts again and so on. also in this picture there isn-t a RTX 2070, it is a GTX 760, i sold my RTX 2070 to get RTX 3070.
  8. hello people, i am new so don't judge me... i bought a custom built pc from a shop in Australia back in July 2019. It has RTX 2070, i7-8700k and this Thermaltake aio cooler. i had problems with it once and that being there was a constant loud buzz but i fixed that by turning down the pump speed in bios and i cannot hear it. i also noticed when ever u turn on my pc the pump makes a pulsing squeeking sound. but recently it is happening all the time, it occurs about every 10 seconds, i dont know if this is normal. i feel like its the noise of the pump pumping water. but i can't hear crunching or water gurgles. my aio has always been top mounted if u needed to know, also my cpu is running at 4.69 ghz. it is kinda the sound of a coil whine but like pulses. is this normal? thankyou in advance!