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  1. SPECS : MSI X570 GAMING PLUS MOBO (Stock Bios?) AMD RYZEN 5 3600X XFX 5700XT THICC ULTRA 3 CORSAIR CX650M PSU Windows 10 64bit 32gb g.skill Ram ddr4 So, I was trying to find my fan setting in MSI dragon center (I did it before when I setup the PC and I did it when I was half awake so I was looking everywhere aimlessly..) I found a section called cpu frequency and I accidentally changed a value when reading the info buttons near a bunch of numbers. I didn't see what I changed so I went to click default and I clicked apply by accident (I kind of had a brain fart..) After that: Immediately my PC shut off. I did some googling and decided to treat this as a bad Overclock issue (I figured xpu frequency is a oc thing) and went to clear the CMOS. I turned it off, spamming the power button and reset button. Unplugged, hit the power some more and gave it 5 minutes. Unplugged the cmos battery and gave it about 10 minutes before replugging it. When it booted I clicked use Default Values as I loaded into a menu saying my cmos had been reset. I couldn't boot into windows and inside my bios settings I saw it wanted boot from my HDD not my SSD so I went and rearranged my boot order. It did boot into windows, however after about 30 seconds my PC shut off again and now it is not loading again. Do I need to clear the cmos again, and click setup rather than use default values?(Did that option just redo the accidental changes) or am I big screwed.