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  1. Seems as though there are very few GPU risers that are explicitly PCIE 4.0 compatible and even those ones won’t be fulfilled until the end of November (on amazon). I know the differences in performance on a 3000 series card with 3.0 v 4.0 only differ by a small percentage, but would I be “bottlenecking” to PCIE 3.0 performance if I used a 3.0 riser? Would be interested to hear what the pros on here would have to say about it or if anyone knows of any testing done on this subject. (I’m also aware I could lose performance using any riser be it 3.0 or 4.0) Also, on floatplane I noticed with the pyramid 2.0 video Alex and Linus are using risers for the pair of 3090s, so they must not be concerned with a performance drop or they have 4.0 compatible risers?
  2. Knew it had to be something simple like that. Ty
  3. This is almost surely me not understanding what I’m looking at but I enabled DOCP for my ram for 3200MHz and AIDA64 is showing clocks of 1600MHz.... is something wrong or is there a reason it’s showing half? Thanks ahead of time.
  4. @-rascal- , did those exact steps and still says it’s not a proper bios file. Sorry about the cell phone pics instead of screenshots but it’s easier to read and respond on my phone while I tinker. ....several moments later I was taking pics walking through it and it honestly just took! Bios is updating! Thanks everyone for your help. Crossing fingers for some DOCP
  5. I was using the rog crosshair non-WiFi bios firmware. Apparently the same bios number (2206) but it had a different file name. That also did not work... did not anticipate these kinds of problems with a bios flash from one of the largest hardware manufacturers. Such a bummer
  6. So I redownloaded the bios CAP file, didn’t use the rename tool and still get the “not a proper bios” message .
  7. I’ll try that @Lurick an I’ll try those settings too @Gloop thx! Will report back in a few if I’m still pulling my hair out
  8. Well... I have 3200 MHz ram and don’t want to be running at 2133. I have 3200 GHz ram on my aux computer and a TUF mobo that cost about 1/4 of the price and DOCP worked fine. I paid quite a bit of money for performance and don’t want to leave anything on the table
  9. System: CPU - Ryzen 2700x GPU - XFX 5700 RAM - 64 GB 3200MHz Ripjaw V MOBO - ASUS ROG Crosshairs VIII Hero Running Windows 10 Home edition had a hell of a time installing windows because I enabled DOCP prior to install.. set back to default and was able to get windows installed, updated, installed drivers and utilities from MOBO disc, installed Radeon graphics drivers, when I enabled DOCP though the computer crashes and windows prompts a recovery screen or the “ : ( sorry bro blue screen”. I read that a bios flash should be done prior to DOCP so I set about getting that squared away. I quick formatted a usb stick to Fat32, downloaded the bios update from the Asus website, clicked/complete the quick rename file program and copied the bios file to the formatted USB stick. When I get to ez flash 3 in the Bios and I select the file, it says it’s not a proper Bios file... I did some more digging and people recommended a full format to Fat32 instead of the quick format... I did that with the same result: file isn’t a proper bios file. I then tried the internet bios flash option but although windows sees my Ethernet internet just fine, the bios said I didn’t have an internet connection. So no dice on the internet bios flash either. Am I missing something? I’m having a real tough computer day between this and missing out on the 3090 because they hid the add to cart button in a “see buying options” and “check availability” webpage loop. I bought this motherboard to prep for the 3090 and 5000 series CPUs and am just having a hell of a time getting it set up with my stand-in CPU/GPU. Any assistance would be appreciated more than you know. Thanks ahead of time!