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  1. ok i lookd at the mobo again and it does have a 3 pin rgb header but its called D_LED1, can i plug my fans into that or is jrainbow something MSI specifiy that only works for MSI mobos?? i just wanna be sure that it will work, i dont wanna buy the wrong mobo.
  2. Hello everyone Im planning to build a new pc and im not quite sure if my Motherboard can support the pre installed argb case fans. Im planing to use this case: MSI MPG SEKIRA 500X and this motherboard: gigabyte x570 aorus elite. On MSI's website it says that the fans are argb and that they need a jrainbow header on the motherboard, my mobo has argb headers but there not labeld jrainbow. Will they work on my mobo or do i need a other mobo for the fans to work correctly? do i need some adapter? thanks in advance for a reply