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  1. I've done everything on that website already before posting here as an attempt to fix it myself. Flushed the dns right now, and nothing changed.
  2. Yes, every single one of them has performed nearly identically to the chrome situation. It takes around the same time to load a simple 1080p60 video.
  3. It was on by default, i've tried it with it, and then toggled it off, and tried. Nothing changed. Now its back to being on
  4. I have 2, 1TB Toshiba HDD's and 1 ssd which is a kingstone 120gb, the chrome is installed on it but the others were on hdd's. Also the games from those same hdd's were working fine.
  5. I just upgraded from an old i5 system, into new ryzen system. The specs are: Ryzen 5 3600, Gigabyte B450M S2H, 8GB of GSKILL Aegis 3000MHZ CL16 DDR4 memory (1 stick, plan on getting second soon), and i have a 1060 3G, but the gpu is old. From the start i saw problems with loading times, but its really weird. I tested out a bunch of games and the framerates/performance was amazing, evertthing i hoped for. BUT, if i open google chrome ( or for that matter any browser, i've tested mozzila, edge and chrome so far but i feel its enough) the websites take MINUTES to load. I'm talking any plain old just html websites even take minutes. Youtube won't play anything above 1080p60, and even for that to work it takes around 30 seconds for it to buffer. My first thought was that my internet was acting up. Since the first time i turned it on till now, the internet speed has been stable at 250down/25up. Not a single drop under that. Discord works fine for calls as well. Online games work great too. Its just websites in browsers that are broken. I've reinstalled chrome, cleared all the cookies/cash. Everything was cleared, the mozzila install was a new mozzila never had it on the system before. Nothing works. It still takes minutes to load websites, and i can't even run youtube. If you need any more information, i'll provide anything you need. Has anyone ever had such a problem?