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  1. I see. I think I can't try another psu. I dont have an extra atm. U think that psu wattage can't handle the components? Coz i'll be trying to change the gpu to a gtx 1060 3gb then add dual monitors on the GPU. One monitor is 1080p 144hz and another is 768p 60hz
  2. Yess. Before it was shutting down sometimes but I think it shutdowns faster now. Btw my old monitor was only 768p. Now its 1080p
  3. I downloaded it sir and you were right. It was a false reading. But sometimes when I play or open some many task the computer shut downs. The type of shutdown is like It goes off then when u click the power button it wont go on. I first need to turn off the psu then hold the power button then try to open the psu again. Only then will the computer open. What do u guys think seem to be the cause of it?
  4. All of a sudden my computer keeps on shutting down all of a sudden with no reason. My suspects are the video card being able not to handle my new monitor but when I saw the temps it was the motherboard. I saw a temps of over 100 degree Celsius. Does anyone know what happened here and how to fix it? This are my specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 MOBO: MSI a320m Pro-E GPU: GTX 750ti RAM: 8GB Single stick PSU: FSP HYPER K 500W 80+ Storage: Kingston 120gb SSD and 300GB Wester Digital HDD 8gb of Ram (Single stick) Here are picture in Open Hardware Monitor: