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  1. ..... gotta buy one noas!!!! New card incoming this month!! YEPP!
  2. Mcdonalds then released a hamburger that looked just like the in the video, with all the goodness and taste, but every time you tried taking a bite you had to logon to your social account and type three sentences that included hamburger and mcdonalds. Not only did you have to logon to your social account, but you also had to install social club and create a new account there that also required you to put in additional money to take another bite of the hamburger. I would not even touch this hamburger with a 200 feet pitchfork, not even on sale. So I would support a developer that actually trusts me. Its your choice if you judge the game pre-launch not mine, I for one will at least support them and hope they release more DRM-free games in the future and hope they made enough money on this so they can upgrade the engine and create an even more (hopefully) awesome game.
  3. In the end, does it really matter? They have explained themselves why they did it and how. So do we judge an unreleased game at all? Cant we all just wait and see if its a good game or not? I for is still excited about this game so before I judge this game I will play it and form my own opinion. And to be honest, they do deserve money just because the fact that they release a DRM-free game this day and age and atleast they trust us in the PC-market enough to do this. More respect for CDPR and stop biggering before you atleast have the played the damned thing.
  4. Well I wont be upgrading to Windows 10 any time soon, even though it seems like a hell of a OS. Have you ever tried uninstallting anything on an android phone from samsung/sony/whatever, its full of crap noone ever uses and all it does is cry for upgrades and to have access to your entire phone, I bet when this hits Candy Crush will be able to: Read all your data on the harddrive, get your location, send notifications to King and MS, send "annonymous data" to whatever third party paid MS or King for it. This even before you have installed Windows 10 completely. When I install an OS I expect a clean OS with minimal programs so I can choose what to install and when. Windows 8 was borderline(still using indows 7) if you ask me with all the shit that got pre-installed. That is why I want a payed option with NOTHING installed except the OS and a webbrowser, rest I can fix on my own. Sure I know I might be a minority on this, but being a IT-professional its scary to see people dont care anything about where their data gets uploaded to. What if MS decides that you cannot uninstall it, what then? Your computer will be just like your phone, full of crap you will never use, but its still there using resources and uploading data......
  5. Well I for one cant stand apps lying around I dont use that cries for updates all the time, same as in android phone and such. Give me a payed option so I can atleast get rid of the pieace of crap that they install for no apperent reason.
  6. Damn it, I just bought a house. This is gonna hurt! Holding my fingers crossed that the sale are for games I already own hehe
  7. 72h with playing C&C: Red alert when the game released, with friends on a LAN party, the 73rd hour I was literately sleepwalking..... Fell asleep on a table beside my computer(not that I remember ever climbing onto the table, only waking up ), not my best of moments, but hey Red Alert was the shit, DOS mode FTW!
  8. OMG what have Antec done...... the mistakes that were fixed by other manufactures the past 3 years.... and what happened to the build quality? P180 anybody, loved that case, but this is just sad
  9. Goverments ban things all the time doesn´t mean people stop to use it..... And how would they go about looking for BT-transactions? Its a ban noone can control so its useless, if people see value in cryptocurrencies no entity can say otherwise.
  10. Tried it and had major problems with infinite loading screen, falling through the floor when swimming and such. And what is with the crappy speech animations from the characters? Fixing some bugs and a more live combat would help things along, but paying 60 Euros + monthly fees and I cant even play all the races? No way, not worth it one bit. I am a big Morrowind fan and an Elder Scroll fan in general, but this just feels off! Get the mods going for this and it might also help. All in all I am not going to continue playing it after this weekend.
  11. Dont like the game, it feels unpolished and a year or two unfisnished, yes you might call it beta, but knowing the industry atm this is as smooth as its gonna get (animations sucks)!
  12. Yepp, good changes are always good. Now to put an option to switch between having a full size start screen and an start menu and 8 is UI wise complete!
  13. Yay got a beta invite!! Now I just want my HTPC to be ready for it!! goddamn it.... I need ze parts now!!
  14. I snctahed 2x280x for cheap and they have almost payed for themselves in less than 20 days me happy!
  15. Dragontail

    EA being sued

    WOOHOO! might bf5 be a good game then
  16. Slowly on its way up(LTC and BTC), selling mining hardware pfft would not dream of it, making to much cash on it still. Just China selling to foreign exchanges and now buying back cheap. They have done so in the past will do it again in the future.
  17. Using a 2x 780 @ 1200/7000 myself and getting around 460 KH/s each, my other rig is a 5970 and 2x5850 producing 1450KH/s so yeah nvidia cards can be used, but not as efficient as AMD cards.
  18. Have two evga 780(reference design with blower air cooler) and a Fractal design R2 with stock fans. Works great with about a 20% OC they run really fine.
  19. Get a high quality 500w unit like seasonic, corsair and the like with 80+bronze or silver rating rather than getting a 600w+ psu with low quality and you should be golden.
  20. Its about how well the components are made and soldered to the board, japanese capacitors usually dont whine much(could happen but unlikley) because they are solid, open capacitors often whine(used often on cheaper made electronics). Age can make a capacitor whine because of the heat/cold of turning the device on and off. The whine is a vibration caused from the capacitors not seated properly or its of low quality. My 3 7990 that I tested and returned had so bad whine it was unbearable, the worst I have ever heard actually, so I am guessing AMD is still suffering from whine.... Although Nvidia is not all roses they have it less frequently, maybe better quality control, dont really know. Although my 2 780 whine in some games its just really small whine can only notice it if I stick my ear inside the case and near the cards.
  21. I will say as I always have said, Intel nic is the shizzle, cant go wrong with an intel nic to any OS, works out of the box.
  22. But its a great startingpoint for learning about VMs and vmware products if you want to use them. Just get intel nics and there are no problems actually
  23. Using Vmware ESXI host myself for VMs with a pfsense routing inbetween the LANs and DMZ(yeah got more than 1 LAN) wokring great no issues what so ever, its all about the drivers, if the host has a genereic intel nic using pfsense is never a problem. Cant say for virtualbox, but it should work.
  24. The obvious question should be! Do you OC the card? If so turn it back down to stock.