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  1. That means, If it does not have the temp reading, I should be able to overclock it right? Are there any other way to at least get an idea of the VRM temp?
  2. What exactly should I look for? (What is written for VRM Temps?) I might me annoying you but I am COMPLETELY NEW to all these
  3. 4C010B and 4C06B, What are these? So I can OC' it right? Also, How to check VRM Temps?
  4. The WD SN550 Cheap NVME M.2 2.4 GB/s Read 2.2 GB/s Write. 250 GB - 1 TB Size. Go for it Blindly
  5. Hi, I already have a Asus TUF B450-Plus (ATX) motherboard (not the PRO). I want to buy a Ryzen 7 3700x, Upgrade the cooler to a NZXT X52 and overclock the 3700X to how muchever is possible inside of a Asus TUF GT 301 case. My question is, given that I have 3*120mm fans intake, 1*120mm Rear Exhaust and 2*120mm fans at top(NZXT X52) will I run into any VRM overheating issues? Also does this board throttle CPU performance to save itself? I really need the CPU for Gaming, Editing & Streaming and I want to OC it. Please help me. I have some images that I found on Youtube. But I don't fully trust it as this is the B450M Plus(mATX).