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  1. Thanks for the Reply, I do have a GSync capable monitor and it is active at all times. I run at 144hz in all my game set to full screen. The tearing itself only happens now and then but i do get this weird glow around the edges of the characters as well as some distant blurring on certain objects in the game. I will find some examples and post them here tonight as I play. Thanks again!
  2. I have a question... I really enjoy gaming and play almost everyday, I have a Dell 1080p 144Hz Monitor Nvidia RTX 2080 Super 32GB DDr4 Memory @ 3200mhz and a Core I5 9600KF processor. I just wanted to know, Why does my monitor glow so much when turning on graphics to ultra and in 4k scaling? My frames are fine in even high end games like Insurgency Sandstorm and the like of Battlefield 5 even with RTX ON ( Scuse the pun) I have this awkward tearing even on 144Hz so my question really is, In the case of 4k... Is it better to keep it at 60hz? Or does it even matter? Any response would be appreciated! Thanks! CB456