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  1. Okay, thanks i appreciate you helping me
  2. True, so i guess best is to wait little bit for the new processors to come and the old ones price to drop ? Also do u recommend me to go for that 20$ more expensive r5 or stick with r3 for gaming,
  3. Yeah because of the new gen ryzen processors probably, question is are they going to release something new from ryzen 3 line up, maybe it is worth waiting for them ?
  4. Hello guys, so its been long time last time i upgraded. Currently im using an old i5 3570, rx 570, 16gigs ddr3, pretty good bequiet 500w psu, ssd and a harddrive 1tb My plan is to move to ryzen/ddr4 setup, so i wanted some recommendations. i want to save up some money for now and get Motherboard,Cpu,Ram only, and still use my old rx 570. I was thinking about ryzen 3 3100or3300x, but not really sure is it worth it because i saw ryzen 5 2600/x for like 20$ higher price. So not sure is it worth it buying that one or just going for r3 3100, also i cant really find r3 3300x over here everywhere is out of stock. I live in serbia. Here are the prices of them, Also maybe im wrong about all of them so i would like suggestion maybe i go for an i3 ? but intel cpus are pretty expensive here in serbia AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.40GHz AM4 BOX- 123e/145usd AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 3.60GHz AM4 BOX-131e/154 usd ryzen 3 3100-97e/115 usd
  5. Like 250euros also i need Mobo/Ram and processor only. I will use my old psu ssd and harddrive. i live in serbia its pretty pricey here
  6. Hey guys, so i decided to upgrade from my old setup i5-3570 and ddr3 mobo/ram. So i still want to keep my Gpu for now till i get more money to replace So i wanted to ask for recommendations, i was thinking about R3 3300x but the thing is where i live there is nowhere to find that processor atm. every other is in stock but not really sure which one to get