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  1. Yeah, my family and I all have HP laptops. Tested both cords on all the other laptops and they charge just fine with all
  2. So I've had this problem for a long time (about a 1 1/4 years) my laptop won't charge with anything more than a 45w wall charger. I've still got my official 200w brick and the 45w I'm using now is official as well, coming from their lineup in Best Buy. Specs: - Intel i5 6300HQ - 8GB DDR4 - Geforce GTX 960M - 1TB HGST (don't quote me on this) HDD 7200rpm 1080p IPS panel From what I've researched so far my best guess is the motherboard power circuit and not the port, I had replaced the port 2 weeks ago suspecting it was the problem but it wasn't. Is it even worth getting a quote from a repair company to get it fixed or would it be better to just buy a new one? I want to get back into WoW but right now my performance is cut way down because of it being a piddly little charger. If you've had the same problem or suspect what it is then I'd love to hear from you guys, thanks! I've not bothered to get help till now cause I took it to one repair store and got told it was unfixable, I'm not lazy I promise. I've had this system since December of 2016 so it might be an age thing too, I've tested both bricks on other HP laptops so I can confirm it's not the brick's fault