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  1. Really enjoyed this video! Would really like to see a video (or a series...) on the LEGO Mindstorms EV3
  2. Does 'Buy 75 Cables' really count as an item?
  3. Mecael

    Myo Arm Band

    That's not a pterodactyl that's a pteranodon!
  4. Managed to get to this menu: Where should I go from here?
  5. It's now displaying the HTC One screen after the carrier screen.
  6. It doesn't seem like it, holding down the Power button + vol down doesn't work. Holding down power + volup until HTC screen then power + voldown doesn't work either. The phone isn't recognised in Windows so I can't run anything from there either... Looks like I might have to take it to my carrier
  7. I tried installing some customs ROMs but decided to go back to Stock using a backup but I must have backed up incorrectly as now my phone won't boot into an OS. My phone basically is doing this: (Not my video) I'm completely lost with what to try next, I've tried to use the AIO Toolkit to boot into recovery but it cannot find the device. Any ideas?
  8. I enjoy the business stuff too
  9. Yeah, those adverts make me not turn it off for all channels it's more hassle than it's worth.
  10. I wish you could make it turn off for certain channels, so it'd be off for Linus and the lets plays I watch but still on for the videos people send you and don't really care about. Or even just block the unskippable adverts but keep the others and banners.
  11. Rest of the pics: http://imgur.com/a/V2cm3
  12. Gives you a better chance of catching it though :) My PC is in full sight when I walk past luckily.
  13. If it was a full blown leak it would be, but for a tiny drop say it'd stop the liquid hitting the back of the card (I'm thinking leak from a CPU block)
  14. You don't need one but it can help with looks a lot, also can help cool ever so slightly. Also stops and leaks getting onto the GPU directly.
  15. When you flush with water/vinegar do you flush manually or fill it up and let the pump flush then drain and rinse with water?