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  1. thank you so much for the insight, it all makes much more sense now. more powere to you and may you have a great day
  2. Thanks for your response, do you think a stick with same timings and speed as the one that is soddered might fix this issue and give 2666MHz? Also is the difference between 2400 and 2666 worth going through this trouble? Sorry for the annoying noob questions
  3. I have posted a reply porina and addressed you there as well, somehow was unable to tag both of you
  4. Hey guys sorry for the late reply, mondays suck, Anyways, i have managed to get these readings, unfortunately i have been unable to run Thaiphoon burner on my system, it just says ROG laptops not supported or will sometimes show an error Asus has released a notorious bios update that although fixes issues, it also takes away the ability to undervolt your CPU ...maybe that is to blame here also Eigenvektor, I did use the SPID tabs, it showed four slots to me, slot 1 shows as the Kingston Ram while the rest three slots show no info I know the soddered RAM is Samsung made but i am unable to source the exact timings, can you suggest an alternate to CPU Z other than Thaiphoon Burner? Maybe an ive older version of CPU Z might help? Also keep in mind the BIOS literally has no options for changing timings or even RAM for that matter, so if this is a useless brigade for us to identify onboard RAM only to be disappointed by the BIOS then i think i should give up on dreams of 2666MHz P.S I think we are also in different timezones, so I am sorry again for the delayed response
  5. Installed it, what am i looking for? According to CPUz timings are similar for both sticks DRAM Frequency hovers between 1197.1 to 1198.9..... I am guessing this gets doubled to give 2400 MHz? Some NB frequency is sitting at 3890 to 3910 MHz The Soddered memory is not showing up in SPD tab but for the installed memory it is showing the stock mem speed and timings that were advertised on product, but i don't think it is operating at that considering everything else
  6. Hey, I have the same machine, but don't have any such issues There is a couple of things you might want to try Disable Asus services - This includes things like diagnosis, remote management, Asus Link etc. You will find a list in Task manager right at the top. Do not uninstall anything related to Armoury crate, this includes ROG Live service, Refresh Rate Service and more. Switch your power plan - Okay so this is a dumb suggestion, but in case you havent already, swicth to Turbo in Armoury Crate and then see if the laptio throttles and comes to a stop under load... Switch your power plan #2 - So if this does not work, head over to your power options and make sure the power plan that you have selected is 'Asus Recommended' when 'Silent' is selected in Armoury crate. Ensure this. In case you screw up, it should be Balanced in power options for 'Balanced;' in armoury crate and 'High Performance' for turbo in armoury crate If the laptop is more than a year old then use compressed air to clean your fans, the fins on this machine are notorious for catching dust and hair Lastly if nothing works, i recommend you try a Windows 10 reinstall from a boot drive and not the cloud.....This will not install Asus software which controls your performance output drastically in the backgrond to increase performance Although Windows should manage your laptop properly and turbo it as well, you will be unable to get fan curves and turbo sustain that Asus adds with Armoury crate However if all works after this with only Windows managing your system then you can start installing Asus OEM software one by one from their offical support site
  7. So the onboard SODIMM is soddered on and was clocking 2600MHz Installed another one in the vacant slot for dual channel performance and the clocks are down to 2400 MHz i'm suspecting it is due to mismatched timings, is there any way to identify this and possibly fix this? The installed RAM is a Kingston HyperX DDR4 16GB stick The system is Asus ROG Zephyrus M15 (GU502GU) , onboard memory was a 16GB stick as well
  8. I have found occasional reports on the internet about this issue but nothing concrete, so I request you to share your experience ... The keyboard will basically die every time I try to use a custom color in Aura, this started happening after a set a low brightness cyan color to all my keys after resetting the computer 3 times as I hadn't identified the cause, I realized that returning to default settings would get the keyboard to work and not an entire reset... I then played around a bit more and basically all stock features of aura like rainbow, ripple, flash, and dash, static and more work well on default settings using custom colors causes this issue changing the rainbow direction causes this issue changing the rainbow pattern in aura sync for adaptive causes this issue like crazy Few things to note, I am running the latest drivers from Asus, nothing third party or from GeForce experience (not that it should matter for the keyboard) I have upgraded the RAM with another 16GB stick for the dual-channel but it has mismatched timings so everything runs at 2400MHZ instead of 2666MHz ....This is the only issue that I think might be causing this problem and I need some insight from fellow owners. I am trying to get users to replicate this issue to confirm the same... considering that Asus ppl check here often if this is a manufacturing defect then its quite serious... If you are still having this issue do the following... Hold down the power button till the laptop turns off, keep holding it for up to 15s after it has turned off Now lift your finger, plug in the charger, and power it on again You should get enough keyboard function back again Login ASAP launch armoury crate and set your keyboard RGB to static and one of the default colors in the palette, preferably red And that's it. The keyboard should work fine after this You can restart the system just to verify the same Why does this work? Well someone in another thread had posted that this is a way to get some kind of static charge out of the motherboard that can get built up over time. My guess is that heavy load with custom RGB colors results in excessive static due to lack of any protection or oversight? This is all speculation though If we can get enough M 9th Gen Intel users to replicate this issue then we can probably do something about For someone who finds this thread in the future, my issue mostly happens with the lighter colors of the spectrum....from cyan to white and then pink...