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  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
  • Motherboard
    MSI X570 UNIFY
  • RAM
    Teamgroup Force ARGB 32GB [16x2] 3600Mhz CL14
  • GPU
    Colorful iGame 3090 Advanced OC-V
  • Case
    Lian Li Dyanmic O11 Black
  • Storage
    Gigabye Aorus 2TB Nvme Pcie 4.0
  • PSU
    EVGA Supernova 1000G+
  • Display(s)
    LG38GL950G & Acer Predator X27
  • Cooling
    EVGA CLC 360 Liquid
  • Keyboard
    Logitech G913 Wireless TKL
  • Mouse
    Benq Zowie EC2
  • Sound
    Steelseries Artic Pro & Logitech G560
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  • Phone
    Iphone 12 Pro

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  1. I wasn't planning on using the default o11 bracket but rather purchased this one: https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-loop-vertical-gpu-holder. The o11 default one is mounted to the bottom which prevent case fans at the bottom. It looks like to places the GPU closer to the Motherboard, possible allowing additional room for airflow from the 3 fans I have at the bottom.
  2. At work bored so I decided to post my upcoming Dream PC build log. A bit of background, I live in Korea, I just got married and moved into a new small apartment together in central Seoul. We have our budgets sorted out, with the main thing being our money will be combined into our joint account soon and we both agreed that we should making personal purchases for ourselves before that happens. The purpose of this rig is for gaming, live streaming game content @ 1440p or 4K [using dual pc setup] and editing YouTube videos As such I decided I wanted to build a complete battle station setup that would last upwards of 3-4 years to maintain my gaming hobby. I have purchased/received, and partially made everything in this list except for CPU and acoustic panels.. obviously I'll be refreshing frantically on Nov 5 for the sweet sweet CPU The acoustic panels, I'm holding off on - for some reason I feel like it's an unnecessary purchase, considering my room is tiny [you'll see soon enough] and I have a huge floor to ceiling clothes hanger with all me and my wifes clothing. I'm hoping to be able to overclock my RAM closer to 4000MHZ timing for the 5000 series AMD CPUs, and I've tested my 3090 so far and getting average boost clocks between 2000-2050, and weirdly getting up to 2100 in COD Warzone lol. The fan is a little loud, so I'm looking at doing a custom waterloop system for the GPU. PC PARTS TYPE PRODUCT PRICE PRICE USD EST CPU AMD RYZEN 9 5950X ₩ 800,000 $680 MOTHERBOARD MSI MEG X570 UNIFY ₩ 368,000 $313 CPU COOLER EVGA CLC 360 LIQUID ₩ 197,500 $168 MEMORY TEAMGROUP T-FORCE 3600 CL14 ARGB 32GB ₩ 341,000 $290 NVME GIGABYTE AORUS 2TB NVME ₩ 530,500 $451 POWER EVGA SUPERNOVA 1000 G+ ₩ 187,000 $159 CASE LIAN LI O11 DYANAMIC BLACK ₩ 178,000 $151 GRAPHICS CARD COLORFUL IGAME 3090 ADVANCED OC ₩ 2,189,410 $1,860 CASE FANS LIAN LI UNIFAN BLACK 3PACK x 2 ₩ 206,480 $175 THERMAL PASTE NOCTUA NT-H2 ₩ 17,890 $15 ₩ 5,015,780 $4,071 TABLE AND OTHER ACOUSTIC PANELS SORIGIO 25CMx25CM x 16 ₩ 67,500 $57 MOUSE PAD STEELSERIES QCK HEAVY XXL ₩ 102,500 $87 TABLETOP SKOGSA WORKTOP 186x3.8x63.5CM ₩ 400,000 $340 MONITOR ARM CAMEL MONITOR ARM ₩ 173,970 $148 TABLE LEGS ALEX DRAWERS x2 ₩ 179,800 $153 MONITOR LG 38GL950G ₩ 2,075,930 $1,764 KEYBOARD LOGITECH G913 WIRELESS TKL ₩ 279,000 $237 POWER STRIP 10SLOT POWER STRIP ₩ 27,050 $23 CABLE ORGANIZER CABLE ORGANIZER SIGNUM ₩ 19,800 $17 ₩ 3,325,550 $2,825 PRE EXISTING SPEAKERS LOGITECH G560 LIGHTSYNC HEADPHONES STEELSERIES ARCTIS PRO CAPTURE CARD ELGATO 4K60 EXTERNAL GAME CAPTURE EXTRA MONITOR ACER PREDATOR X27 4K 144HZ HDR I estimated USD prices so people here can have better reference comparisons in prices, yes I know some of these parts are exorbitantly expensive but this my dream build so I guess I don't care as much lol. My current PC is more budget friendly, I think it's in my signature below. Anyhow, I'll upload some pics later today [2pm here atm] when I get home! Any comments or feedback welcome! If you guys want me to do any tests let me know!
  3. Have any of you successfully installed it vertically, while also keeping the fan intake of the gpu clear from the window AND also keeping the 3 fans installed on the bottom? Have my case and gpu, but disliking my horizontal mounting, was wondering if anyone has successfully used it to get more insight. Thanks!
  4. Computer had been working fine, until I tried to install my 3090 today. turned off system, turned off psu Power pulled out all cables and proceeded to replace my 2070 with my new gpu. Inserted my existing 2x8 pin power, added another 8pin from my psu as my gpu is 3x8pin and plugged everything back in to switch it on My msi mobo has an ez debug light and it goes from cpu>dram>cpu (all white light) and switches off and turns back on automatically only to loop the same lights. i reseated my gpu i replugged my gpu pcie power connectors both on gpu and on psu (modular psu) i rearranged my pcie power connectors i put back my 2070 i tried no gpu (9600k) checked my power cables in case they moved or unseated during gpu install only plugged in my psu power and nothing else i initially thought it was my gpu problem, but then I tried my 2070 which also had the same problem, so I tried with no gpu and resulted in same problem... the only thing I had done was open case, take out power connectors from gpu, take out gpu, put in new one, and put power connectors in.. My specs i5 9600k be quiet dark rock pro msi mpg z390 gaming edge ac corsair vengeance 2666mhz cl16 antec 750w gold psu many advice is much appreciated! IMG_5834.MOV
  5. Noted, thanks! Literally updated my shopping cart just now hehe
  6. Turns out I just found Teamgroup Xtreem ARGB 32GB 16x2 for 360USD Thanks again!
  7. What would you choose? Im finding both these are around the same price where I am [South Korea] and I will be using it for both gaming, and video editing/live streaming. Trident Z Royal Silver 32GB 4000MHz CL17-17-17-37 - approx 720USD VS Trident Z NEO NB 32GB 3600MHz CL14-15-15-35 - approx 600USD I'm not too knowledgable with overclocking, but would it also be possible to OC the NEO to similar clock speeds and timing? I'm sure silicon lottery would be a thing but I guess im curious about the general range in which these sticks OC since I've typically only OC'd the CPU and ran the standard XMP profiles on ram thus far Planning to pair with 5800X/3080
  8. Hi guys, Looking to purchase my G9 as a single monitor setup for gaming/streaming rig. I have a question regarding the split screen setup: Would I be able to split screen with both "screens" having 240hz @ 1440p each provided I use the correct input cables and have a graphics card to support it? [currently using 2070, upgrading to 3090] Would even 1 screen be at 240hz and the other at another refresh rate? If its recognized as a second monitor, in games like COD Warzone, would it show up as a different monitor in the output options in game? [If I want a specific "side" to play on] Edit: Before you guys mention that my current specs won't take advantage of the monitor @ 240hz, I plan on upgrading to 10900k with a 3090 in the next few days - stock gods willing. [In Korea so I am hopefully able to better secure based on demand comparisons to the western countries]