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  1. here is the link waiting for mod approval
  2. Am I allowed to post links to files or no. Like my game on media fire or something
  3. Ok boys finally done. Just compiling rn
  4. It definitely not a power supply problem. It shuts down and I give it a light whack and it turns back on. like wtf happened
  5. did you try using cherries?
  6. just so yall know this is just a concept . still installing unreal lmao
  7. making a nice demo 

  8. Welcome to the cult.

    1. nFaiz



  9. its like minecraft but an os and not fully square. need to redownload epic games forgot I reset my pc :P
  10. I had brain blast just now. We make a game thats open world but its linux. Im making a really bad demo rn.give me 10-20 minutes
  11. I just want something that looks very futuristic. I tried rainmeter. I tried parrot os. I need something 3D. You know what I mean. Oh you know what would be cool. A linux distro or windows distro thats open world and you walk to applications. I dont even know what Im typing anymore