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  1. Nvidia: Wow you got a card, now take this L Me:
  2. So I have this exact card, I did a teardown as well, but just used the stock cooler after applying new thermal pads an paste. Its my understanding that the red light is indicating a power issue. Have you tried using a different pcie cable and or port on you psu? Perhaps putting the stock blower back on may resolve this issue. After cleaning, even with stock cooler I saw significantly better temps. Don't give up hope my guy. I have an rtx3080 fe sitting on my desk that doesn't work, and its brand new.
  3. I did not enable csm in bios. I will try that thanks guys. Its the Fe card straight from Nvidia
  4. Received my 3080 today. no video out from any source. On boot, one long beep then 3 short ( Indicates GPU issue) Updated my drivers to latest version last night. Chip set, and bios up to date. System requirements all up to spec as per Nvidia spec. Spent an hour with Nvidia text customer support. Re seated card, no signal. Put 1080ti back in, works like always. Card powers up (fans spin leds light up), but no video signal. I would appreciate any suggestions to fix this as I am an end user wanting to game and bechmark, not scalp to put my kids through college.. My Rig X570 Aorus Elite mobo ( bios and chipset up to date ) Ryzen 3900xt 32gb Trident Z Neo 3600mhz CL16 PSU Corsair RM750 gold Any suggestions are appreciated. Cosmic Origin, a little bummed. Squamish BC
  5. I am the unlucky owner of the 3080. I updated my drivers last night to current. I have sufficient power supply. Bios and chipset are up to date as weill, and no video out. Mobo does one long beep then three short ( this indicates GPU issue). Put my 1080ti back in and it all works. Spent about an hour with Nvidia customer chat support, with no sugestion as to what the problem is. I sent them an msinfo32 report and product number, and have not heard from them since....sigh..... Linus!!!! I need HELP!!!! My rig X570 Aorus Elite mobo (bios and chipset up to date) Ryzen 9 3900xt 32g trident z neo 3600mhz cl 16 PSU Corsair RM750 Gold 1080ti ( works like it always has) RTX 3080 ( Powers up, fans spin, leds light up) but no video out. as stated earlier one long beep and three short on boot (GPU ISSUE)