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  1. hey guys im going to buy a capacitor, can you recommend me which would i buy and what will i do after install it. my broken capacitor is MIL 270/16 EKA19. I don't know what is that meaning please help guys thanks
  2. i contact already but it takes 24 hours when he replied...so i don't know what to do to my computer right now
  3. I just found a broken capacitor in my case after hearing something rattling around in my case when toting it around. I'm not sure what to do about it, the computer seems to be running fine still. I've never soldered and don't know much about capacitors and the like. Should I have it fixed or should I just not worry about? I'm pretty sure it got knocked off when install my new GPU, was kind of tricky to get in. please help thanks
  4. so i need to remove my gpu? do you think my ram has a problem too cuz no dram frequency in cpu-z and i tried to benchmark too so laggy.
  5. i have an ryzen 5 2600 ,tuf gaming b450 plus, 8gb 2666mhz x2 ram and 210 geforce (not permanent still finding suitable gpu) so please this problem until i got a new video cards ,i have no idea about this fps so low even it in very low settings. It is to my gpu or ram ? thanks for the help.
  6. im using ryzen 5 2600 tuf gaming b450m plus and 8gb 2666mhz x2 ram stick.
  7. please help ,i don't have an idea what to do and i alreay search google & youtube but theres no answer for this ram frequency. And i did heaven benchmark then my mhz is only 555mhz but my ram stick is 8gb x 2 2666 mhz please help thanks. this is newly set up pc