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  1. I'm in france I think I'm going to buy a corsair CV550 550watt.
  2. I tried both and I even tied without the adapter. Thank you I will get a new PSU ! I will send news as soon as I get one
  3. Thank for your quick answer ! Well my PSU is a bit old but the PSU work for the system. Are you sure that it's the problem ?
  4. Hello. I recently bought a gtx 1660 super, I put It on my pc do the cable etc.. and I get a error message ( please power down plug your graphic card ... ) I know 6 pin can work on a 8 pin gpu but It doesn't for me Should I buy a new PSU I let you some pic I have a 2 * 6 pin to 8 pin converter I only have 1* 6 pin on my PSU My config use about 340 watt My PSU can provide 400 watt ( lepa ) Help me !