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  1. wow thank you so much! That was the most in depth and helpful response ever! I was expecting some advice and a few recommendations but you even added the prices and where to find them lol. Thank you very much!
  2. i was trying to spend $400 and under so i just wanted to upgrade one thing and have that hold me over for a bit until i build up a savings more.
  3. interesting. Thank you for that perspective, I appreciate that. I guess another option is i could just save up and upgrade my system as a whole. Or buy another more update system for probably the same price and just use this one as a personal browsing pc...
  4. Maxed on most things. The ram stays at about low to mid 90's but the GPU and CPU kinda jump around.
  5. Thanks, thats good to know. I just have to get the 6700 because my motherboard cant overclock so no point in spending the extra money lol
  6. I got my first gaming computer from a hand me down and its a little more budget friendly than i prefer so i was thinking of upgrading but it has an MSI B150M Bazooka motherboard so i'm slightly limited on processors that i can buy. The compatible CPUs listed are basically any 6th gen processor. So i was wondering if a 6th gen i7 6700 will be able to run something like COD: Warzone smoothly, while discord runs in background, without freezing every few seconds like i currently get now. Currently have an i5-6402P @ 2.80 GHz and a Radeon RX 480 graphics card I'm open to any ideas, as im fairly new to desktop gaming but just not sure what would be more beneficial. Just assumed it was the CPU as multitasking becomes almost impossible while playing more demanding games.