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  1. Well what should I get in that case?
  2. I am editing this post as I included a lot of un necessary information. Lets just put it like this: I have talked to a lot of different people, and techincal support (That are more familiar with router and networking than me): They all refer to the problems I am facing as hardware problems. I am not going to go over what the different things are, and why as that is not the topic. As I have thought of all the different things you mentioned, but keeping that discussion going is unnecessary (and I dont wanna waste your time). But my conclusion is: My router has a hardware problem, and we are going to buy a new one (I don't wanna waste unnecessary time for you. Sorry for the inconvenience) I am from sweden, so amazon and ebay are not valid choices for me. But it all lies in at usually the same price. So thats fine. I have a budget of around 150$, and we have wireless connection, 4G
  3. I recently had some trouble with my router. I I asked around and did some research, and from what it seems: Its hardware problems. I'm not gonna tell the whole story, as its been a problematic and long one. But some recommended me to get a "real" router this time, and not get a Huawei one from my operator, as the latest my operator has to offer is Huawei B818. But my mother decided to buy a real router. Currently owning a broken Huawei B535, I am not quite sure what to direct my mother too (as I am the technical one of us). I was thinking either: TP-Link AX10 (as it has wifi 6 and it pretty budget friendly) or Netgear Nighthawk R7000 (as it has very good reviews and good stats) What do you think we should do, speaking 4G wireless connection? Our budget lies in at around 150$ and less.
  4. As I said to the other guys here: I think if I need to go budget, bitfenix 650W will be my choice. And If I stumble upon some money or I get time to save (while waiting for the RTX 3070) I'll go with Fractal Ion+ 750W!
  5. Oh! Thanks, thats a good price and from what I can see a good PSU! Its definitely something I'll think over if my plan goes to my way!
  6. Yes fractal is from sweden and Fractal Ion+ is definitely a viable choice. But they are a little to expensive for what I would like to pay. I am fine with a 80+ Gold 650W or 750W if I can find a good price for it. I think I'll think over the Bitfenix Formula Gold 750W as @fabarati suggested. But Fractal Ion+ or Corsair Rmx 750W is a solid choice if I stumble upon some more money or want to save for a more "high tier" PSU!
  7. I don't live in america, I am from sweden. So ordering something for around 100$ from Amazon or Newgg would be way higher price because of shipping and customs, and warranty would be a struggle if it breaks or something liket that.
  8. CX is 90$ for 650W, and 110$ for 750W. Its the replacement for VS. I will probably go with the 750 one, as it is only 20$ more. Thanks for the advice!
  9. Well currently I have the VS, but I will be looking into the CX650/750. CX is the replacement for the version I have rn: VS. In my country the CX is around 90$ for 650W, and 110$ for 750W. So I will probably be buing the 750W, thanks for the advice.
  10. Well, A CX650/750 is 80+ Bronze, would that be good enough? Or what would you recommend. I would like to lay at around 100$, could go a little bit over if that is necessary but preferably under.
  11. Oh! Sorry that's my lack of knowledge. In my country it says that the 3070 will be the same price, but it must be the pre-order! Well that's a good plan! But idk what PSU to buy... What do you recommend, for around 100$, or less?
  12. In that case I have to buy a new PSU, because that is my current cpu. Yikes, oh well. What PSU would you recommend me to get then? Not one that costs a fortune, as I am kinda on a budget.
  13. I recently wanted to upgrade to a 3080, as I have a 1070 ti and I have waited to upgrade my GPU until the right time (which I feel is now). But I have a Corsair VS650W psu, and the recommended is 750W for a 3080. I didn't think I would have to upgrade my PSU, but now I am asking as insurance. Would I need to upgrade my PSU in order to get a 3080? Specs below: Case: Corsair ICUE 220T Airflow Motherboard: Asus Prime B360M-A CPU: Intel i5-8600k CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-U9S RAM: Corsair 16GB Vengeance (DDR4 2KIT) Memory: Samsung 860 EVO SDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB