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  1. Weird is only power save mode makes cpu down to 2.19ghz and not goes beyond low. And if it is in balanced mode with high cpu speed no any fan noise unless i use high cpu apps or playing games. Like it's working normal but showing wrong speed only ryzen master showed somewhere normal speed but IDK
  2. Resetted bios and balanced mode to default, it is still same high speed. This happened after bios update before everthing was normal. Can it be fixed by installing windows again?
  3. I've checked bios it's in auto mode i didn't touch anything and using Gammax 400 v2 cooler and it is good enough for me. Because i dont need to overclocking
  4. it's already in balanced mode and yes pc thinks it is in performance mode, because when i change to power saver cpu speed lowering to 2~ghz and stuck there and not down more
  5. in bios everthing is stock i only changed xmp profile to DDR4 3200mhz
  6. Hey there, I'm using Ryzen 5 3600 on Asrock b550m about 1.5month. 3 days ago i updated bios and got abnormal cpu speed all the time. Even i set ryzen balanced and idle mode5%. But problem is amd ryzen software is only showing low speed another software like hw info win task manager cpu z shows me high cpu alll the time in idle mode and even cpu temp higher. Can someone take a look?
  7. I bought asrock because all another variant finished in stock and that's why i have to buy something. Initally i was planning to buy gigabyte or msi, but as i said stock finished. But no problem at all now. About psu i got 20% discount and for RGB I bought didn't even think it could be a bad (
  8. Case - Montech AIR 900 ARGB Processor - AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Ram - Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 2x8GB 3200mhz Cooling - Deepcool Gammax 400 V2 Storage - 512GB XPG SX8100 PCIE GEN3X4 M.2 2280 SOLID STATE DRIVE Motherboard - Asrock B550M Steel Legend Video Card - Gigabyte GTX-1050TI 4GB Power supply - Gamemax 600W RGB Monitor - AOC C24G1 144hz COST 800.61$ total + 123.18$ for shipping = 923.79$ (Except GPU) After long time I got chance to build my first build. Except the 1050ti all parts are new. Thinking about to upgrade GPU to 5600XT near future. Aim is for cs go like e-sport game and daily work. 1080p is enough because i dont play another games too much. BTW I'm from Azerbaijan and got 1 month to get all parts to build lol. Thanks quarantine for to get free time to build it lol. Please let me know if i chose wrong parts while building. Also planning to buy 6 or 8 TB HDD for complete media and games.