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  1. but what should i search google for ?? "how to fix gpu _____ drops "
  2. my fps is already capped , and my settings are medium , ok the problem isnt the usage its the drops in the mv clock , do u have in mind a possible fix ?
  3. no no i didnt reset my pc , i reinstalled windows , and isnt there something that will make my gpu take less usage ? ( undervolt or something ?)
  4. yes i tested both csgo and gta v and both have frame drops.
  5. i just know that the cpu jumps to 100 every few secs , which makes the mv or something drop to abt 300 from 1.5k+ , and thats causing fps drops
  6. it doesnt freeze , it just drops every few secs
  7. hmm i kinda stupid when it comes to computers so can u go into details
  8. A . i have reinstalled windows twice wiping out all the c drive , B. yes i have tested also csgo and gta , both have frame drops. The problem is it isnt %100 load all the time , its abt %70 and suddenly it jumps to %100.... my nvidia control panel settings is prefer maximum performance if that helps
  9. my graphics already are all medium except textures.. and i do limit my fps.. is there a way i can make it not stutter atleast ? when 100c
  10. when gaming my gpu hits %100 for a few secs about every minute , which causes fps drops , how do i make it stay at %70 - %80 usage ????
  11. im having frame drops problems in all games, and someone just spotted out that my gpu mhz ( or whatever it is ) drops and thats what causes my fps drops , its normally 1.5k+ but it drops to 100 -300 idk how to fix it since i didnt find anything in google yt , can someone help me ? ( btw i did ddu my drivers a week ago + resetted windows twich in the past week)
  12. OH i just realised it drops to 100 - 300 when there are fps drops
  13. oh wait what .. ? well i do have the latest nvidia drivers .. i also did ddu once , about a week ago.... what should i do then . btw rn its 1.6k
  14. yes i limited it , is that a problem ? or should i limit to 3.4