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  1. temps have always been bad but cpu has been maintaining 3.88ghz most of times anyways but something happened and turbo boost doesnt turn off, its base frequency is 2.3 ghz but clocks never go that down, it sits around 3.2ghz as i said so turbo boost works but not as good as its been working
  2. The problem occurred like a week or two ago, before that my CPU would sit on 3.88 ghz while gaming (turbo boost max speed is 3.99ghz). that time ago i reinstalled windows (version 2004) but i always try to use all the settings or tuning programs ive had before reinstalling windows on newly installed one, which i did but in clock speeds theres a big difference. while gaming turbo boost doesnt even hit 3.88 any time, first minutes of gaming it sits on 3.5-3.6 ghz and after like 5-8 minutes it gets stuck on 3.2 ghz and continues like this, so my fps is very inconsistent. so what might be causing this? ive tried lotta things and still no change. did new version windows bring any changes regarding turbo boost? idk, any help?