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  1. ok should i remove optical drive to make space ?
  2. i was thinking of removing optical drive reader as shown below or should i think of a new case inspiron-3250-small-desktop_Service_Manual_en-us.pdf
  3. ok should i consider changing case ?
  4. so i don't need to cool it ?. Btw if u look at forms from llt about dell 3250 people still convert them with gpu and it is possible
  5. oem gtx 1050ti ?? + what bout power supply
  6. hi there, This is a project releated to my dell 3250 and upgrading issue that i'm sure you guys can help. Config-i3 gth gen , 7200 rpm hdd , 180 w psu , 4gb ddr3l . Issues - how to fit a 1050ti there, ram to 16 gb