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  1. Yes, definitely a new psu, 1660 super recommends a 450w psu. Getting a 550 should work fine but a 650 would allow for more future upgrades
  2. I found the reason is because of a recent server update that affected everybody, was not my cpu, thanks.
  3. I had the same problem when I was building. There was white GPUs, just not in my budget. Personally, what I did was purchase the gpu I desired and found a custom backplate for it, as long as you are not vertically mounting your GPU its should still look clean
  4. Should work, screw mounts are usually in the same spots for all brands, that is if you have the same size fans of course. People change aio fans all the time, my friend just swapped the nzxt kraken fans from his aio to the full rgb corsair fans so it would match his case fans
  5. My drivers are up to date and I'm afraid to overclock as I am running on the stock cooler and I am still waiting for the am4 bracket for my aio to ship. but ill try max settings
  6. and yes i'll try ddu and get back to you
  7. it was with the usb drive I originally downloaded windows on
  8. Yeah, fresh restart, files and everything
  9. So I recently upgraded to a Ryzen 9 3900x from an i7 8700k, I know that ryzen has lower single clock speeds than intel, however, I thought it wouldn't make much of a difference. PC Specs Motherboard - ASUS Prime x570 CPU - Ryzen 9 3900x GPU - GeForce GTX 1080Ti Memory - 2x32 G-Skill Trident Neo 3600 MHz PSU - EVGA 850w 80+ gold My main issue is that when I play cpu intensive games such as fortnite or csgo, my frame drops are just terrible. It stutters in and out of about the 200 range and then drops to around 80 for second or so and this really throws my gaming off. When I played before with my i7 8700k I would get no lower than 160 frames mainly staying in the 210-240+ range. I play 1080p res since that is the highest my monitor supports and with all low settings except view distance. I have tried D.O.C.P and auto setting in the bios and there seems to be no difference. Is there a way to fix this somehow or should I return the CPU and look for a 10th gen Intel?