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  • Birthday 1992-02-19

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    ON, Canada
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    PC Hardware, Web Development, Virtual Reality, Gaming, Star Wars, DIY Electronics (lightsaber modding)
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    Due to Covid-19, I lost my job, and am taking it as an opportunity to learn new skills and pursue web development! I've also started my own Youtube channel to share the things I love with the world. Stop by and say hello! Stay classy (and dapper), Internet. ;)
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    Web-Dev / YouTube Creator


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    Intel Core i5-4690K @ 3.5GHz (Bought used)
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    MSI MS-7922 (Bought used)
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    16GB DDR3 @ 1600 Mhz (Bought used)
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    Zotac GTX 1060 Mini 6GB DDR5 (with a fan held on by double-sided tape - stock fan died)
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    Seagate M.2 1TB
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    RedDragon KARURA2 K502RGB
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    Logitech G600
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    Windows 10 Home Edition

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  1. Yes I did it all in Chrome. To be honest I didn't notice it until after I submitted the edit. You'll see on the post now, that there's a second video attachment, and it appears to be broken also, but if I scroll up the thread, and then back down to my post, it loads? Super weird, indeed!
  2. ^Leaving this post alone because it took me 20 mins to even get it in that state. Maybe I can be the one to fix those bugs!
  3. Browser, version and OS: Chrome, Version 85.0.4183.121 (Official Build) (64-bit), Windows 10 Steps to reproduce/what were you doing before it happened? - Upload a .mp4 - Attaches properly, but does not allow text formatting unless you leave white space beforehand - Posted, then tried to edit post to add text. Allowed me to add text, but broke video upload (auto replaced with download link) What happened? - Cannot delete broken video What did you expect to happen? - Upload video, and be able to format to the left or right of it to add text above or below. Link to a page where it happened, if applicable: Screenshots of the issue, if applicable: Any other relevant details: Each time you activate the edit option, several lines of white space are automatically added above and below lines of text, as shown in the screen shot above. If it's a cloudflare error, what was the ray ID from the bottom of the error page?
  4. The video uploaded properly, and then broke after editing in text below. "...because it's a community forum that doesn't make money." One guy doing all of this for years without seeing a penny, and he needs help from people who are passionate and willing to donate their time. If that isn't you, then don't apply. Here's a link to the Youtube video that explains what Luke asked for. https://youtu.be/v0t617WK10I?t=4578 Desktop_2020_09.24_-_11_30_18.01_Trim.mp4
  5. I've been looking forward to this! Continuing to build my personal site in the background. Hope I can help bring some of these good ideas to life in the near future! Thanks for the consideration!
  6. I believe you! I call my PC Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, because I love it, but it needs a good 'cranking' to start up and she's spittin' fumes. xP
  7. There is a TON of spam in this thread, so I thought I'd do all the thread viewers a favour and bump the actual entries to this contest. Enjoy! Please don't spam if you're not participating. Read the thread before you post for details! Dapper
  8. Dang, I saw the few other people who posted here. They're quite good at editing! I'm still learning (using Kdenlive due to my $0 budget), so I appreciated the challenge of keeping it within a minute. Edit: Not sure why people would make fun of someone struggling to make ends meet. "Be excellent to each other!"
  9. Not sure if there are members here posting their entries, but even if I'm not selected, I hope some folks might appreciate my work! Cheers
  10. Despite your edit, it doesn't change the fact that many components are designed with mobile devices in mind. Are you saying you have full size RAM sticks in this laptop and not SO-DIMMs? You should also double check that the CPU and GPU aren't mobile. These are all being powered by a battery or power adapter, so these components likely are all going to be running as designed to avoid overheating a laptop. Anyone let me know if I'm confused?
  11. If you're fairly new to computer hardware, I highly recommend watching Professor Messer on Youtube. He covers all the topics you need to be a certified IT technician, but sections 1.X would be the videos you're after.
  12. Have you seen other people do this? Many motherboards in laptops are custom and thus limited in upgradability. It isn't strictly about space in the case. You'll be held to the hardware that said motherboard can accommodate. Interested to know what others think. My first thought is, source 'newer' used parts, and sell the laptop to help fund the build.
  13. The most crucial benefit to an SSD upgrade is to boot your OS off it for quick load times when starting up/rebooting. If you do make the upgrade, consider backing up your files and doing a fresh install. Use the SSD as your primary drive this way, additionally for any large files that need to be loaded quickly, such as HD videos if you edit, or games with 'long' loading screens. The rate at which an SSD can read and write is comparatively significant.
  14. I hear you, but if you're like me (and realize why Fartbook products are priced that way), then you would get far more enjoyment out of building your own.