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  1. I was wondering if a recommendation could be made. I am looking for a laptop that could handle just about anything I throw at it. I do not really game at the present moment, but I do code (Python, Java, C++, etc..) also I constantly run VM's locally for testing of code. I also am in Network Operations. Can you recommend a laptop that could handle running a VM while not reducing performance of the rest of the system so as to code (simultaneously). Typical VM builds run 2 to 4 core vCPU's and 8 to 16GB vRAM. Graphics are not a super high concern, but I typically have resolutions of 2560x1440. If you could point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated. I have looked at several manufacturers and found the only systems that could possibly meet requirements are gaming systems. Is there a laptop out there that would handle the load without the added price of a higher-end graphics card price bump? I am not adverse to a building from parts of that is the recommended option. I’m thinking 1tb or more sad, 4 or more core CPU, and 32gb or more ram.