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  1. Hmm I will have to think about this! Thanks!
  2. what about just uppppping the price abit with a Intel Core i9-9900K Processor, 3070s card and the rest of the pcpartpicker list? Or would that just be worse then going with the AMD processors? Im just throwing that out there in the conversation. @boggy77 @HelpfulTechWizard
  3. @HelpfulTechWizard 3070 will be out early october right? Will the ryzen 4000 be able to fit into my budget? And I also thought these would ONLY be avaiable in pre-build computers and would only be able to run with radeon cards?
  4. @boggy77 @HelpfulTechWizard I think I would be able to step it up to a AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Processor. Do you have any experience with that CPU? As I said, I had bad expierience with AMD, but that was probably cause I was using a AMD FX-8350 Black Edition, Socket-AM3+. And this was years ago. Still I am a little bit worried about using amd. edit: I have already been waiting to order this pc for some months now. I will order is this weekend. Also thank you again for you inputs!
  5. Would you be able to answer why this build would get the job done? As I said, I have had some bad experience with AMD's in the past where CPU would just completely throttle jumping from 14% to 99 when loading in to certain things like for example google chroome. And thank you very much for the input @boggy77
  6. Hi everyone. Im a confused guy from Sweden seeking some tech help. I do build my own PC's but im never really sure if the parts im getting is the best choice to get. And that's why im here today! So... im building a new gaming PC. My budget is anywhere from 1000$ to 1300$. I often only have time to play two or three nights a week for a couple of hours, so I wont be needing that extreme gaming pc. Now this PC will mainly be running games such as PUBG(99% of the time) and Rust. And as of now, I can run them quite fine with my 1080/4790k PC but im struggling to really get to the next level when it comes to my performance in the games listed above. I have to, for example, run very low settings on PUBG and still get those FPS drops in some areas or fights and it's making me go crazy watching all those streamers running the game soooo smoootthhllyy! What I am looking for is a build that can run the above games with a high, smooth and consistent framerate. In other words, I need I good pc for the amount of money listed above and I figured this would be one of the best places to look for the help building one. I am used to run intel+nvidia stuff and I have bad experience with AMD due to some previous builds with bottleneck CPUS. But if anyone can suggest a cool build with AMD, i would be down for that to! (I am not upgrading the one I have, I want to build a new PC) Sometimes I would just wish LTT would call me up, fly me over, and help me build this god damn pc. But until that happens, i'll have to try myself Thank you so much and I do apologize for my grammar, hope you can understand all of this! Best regards...