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  1. hey everyone, i have a potato pc which even can't open games like halo recruit which is like 1GB. so please tell me how to even open games on my pc
  2. Good News Everybody

    Recently Nvidia Launched its RTX 30 Series graphics cards founders' edition... in 30 series FE (Founders' Edition) cards will get an 12 pin power connector, and ugly dongle which is 2 8pins to 1 12 pin which will mess up your pc looks. now we got 30 series cards  from brands like Asus, MSI , Aurous, Gigabyte and etc...  . those cards are launching in few days, they will get an traditional dual 8pin connectors. those who are going to buy 30 series cards you don't need to worry.  

  3. hey linus, i am a huge fan of you. i almost watched all of your videos. i have seen a video in Holy $h!t series that video is about 100tb SSD. please make an petabyte project those 100tb SSDs. please this is request.
  4. Good News to Everyone who are going to buy new Nvidia RTX 30 series cards. now we got 30 cards from brands like Asus, MSI, Aurous, Gigabyte etc... . this cards get traditional 8 pin power connectors, so you just do not need to mess your pc with ugly dongles