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  1. Bingo. Thank you! I must have accidentally pressed CTRL+L. It would have been nice if that voltage lock was also made visible in the main window.
  2. Hi Sam, I haven't set the voltage to 737mV anywhere. Even if I apply the profile without undervolting after using the AB 'scanner' it is stuck at 1440MHz. 1700-1850 is what I see from the white and orange/red arrows on the circular scale above the '1440MHz'.
  3. Hi, avid reader, new to posting. I appreciate any help I can get. Card: Gigabyte Windforce 2080 TI 11G My main goal is undervolting to achieve better temps, but if I can get a small OC in combination with similar undervolting results then that would be a bonus. I used MSI Afterburner 'scanner' and upped the memory clock with 1000 MHz, then pulled down the voltage required to achieve the max core frequency. I'm really confused by the results and unable to interpret the graphs / stress tests correctly. When I run a stress test (Heaven 4.0/Kombustor) the frequency and voltage stays at 1440MHz @ 737mV. Why is that not going any higher? It corresponds to the vertical yellow dotted line in the V/F curve editor. What does that line implicate? Main Afterburner UI: arrows pointing to base and boost clocks seem to point to 1700'ish MHz base 1850'ish MHz boost. How are these determined? (The max frequency after the 'scanner' results is 1995 MHz and that doesn't correspond to either the base or the boost clock.)