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  1. No fucking way IT FUCKING WORKED OMG UR THE OG BRUH I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING BEEN WORKING ON IT FOR 9 hours responding to reddit and shit NO WAYYY I AM SO HAPPY i didnt hace any money for new motherboard and when this worked i fucking screamed with joy then cried of how retarded i was
  2. Yes sorry its H81M-C I have tried plugging VGA into motherboard before but it still didnt work but here is the thing detection isn't the problem the problem is when i pres power button everything spins in motherboard its working just fine but like its not showing on my monitor thats the problem
  3. Hello! So I wanted to sell my old gpu gtx 660 and when i brought it to this guy it didnt work it booted up and then shut down he tested it on 2 different motherboards same problem so i was like thats odd and didn't think any of it later but then like 1 week after I put my gtx 660 in my motherboard which is ddr3 HB1M-C and it booted up just fine but it didnt display on monitor i was like ok meh its broken whatever so i went to sleep next day i did cable management because i have shitty office mini atx case and plugged my gtx 1050ti back in and when i was about to start it same problem as before, cpu fan and gpu fans spinning but it still isn't showing on monitor then I thought it was my monitors fault so I grabbed my monitor and plugged hdmi cable to tv router and some kind of tv show showed up just fine so then i thought it was my gpu's fault but i was so confused it was working day before just fine. So only solution left i unplugged gpu from motherboard then plugged my vga into motherboard because this motherboard doesn't have hdmi support and tried to boot it up Nope Still the same problem So please help me is the problem my motherboard? And if so why did this just happen