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  1. What do you think the issue is please come back
  2. I was so close. It said this might take several minutes then it blackscreen fml
  3. Now im trying without entering my product key maybe that'll do sum im desperate
  4. Okay turns out I wasn't paying attention it black screened now im in bios.
  5. Wait now it says recovery windows didn't load correctly
  6. I'm getting mine from microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 thats okay right
  7. Crashes during windows install. Farthest I've gotten is the pin/password setup. It will flash black flash back to the original screen then show the Asus screen and not post until I turn it on again, then switch back to windows eufi and choose my flash drive as my #1 boot device, then it happens again. Ryzen 3 3100 Rx 570 8gb Pny 240gb ssd Asus prime a520mk Ask away please help I've spent 600 and I am desperate.
  8. Okay this is big. It does detect it. But when I try and leave bios it doesn't do anything it just goes back to it.
  9. The drive worked, it had windows 10, it worked with my vostro 260 that used 4 gb of 1333 ram before I upgraded to 8gb of 1666, and a i3-2120 before I upgraded it to a i5-2400, and yes my had has only one rail