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  1. Thanks, unluckily i doubt that i can import something of that size to my country for cheap. And something like this could be used? https://www.amazon.com/-/es/RGEEK-Switch-Fuente-alimentación-computadora/dp/B071P3HMNK Also i found this website. https://www.smps.us/20-to-24pin-atx.html.
  2. Hello, I'm trying to build a small form factor PC for emulation and maybe as a home theater PC. Most of the emulation that I plan on doing it on MAME and that emulator benefits the most from the CPU so I won't be using a high voltage graphics card. My problem comes from the case and the PSU, I found a working HP D530 PC on a working condition, my idea was to build a PC with an I3 9100f (That I already own) and use a Gigabyte H310m which looks that is going to fit perfectly on this small case. The problem is that these small cases have very specific PSU and any other kind of power supply won't fit on this case, this one works and is 325W and from the results on the PSU Calculator, all the components that I plan to use shouldn't draw more than 220W, I noticed that the PSU has a 20 Pin connector and the Gigabyte H310m has a 24 Pin connector, is there a way to make an adapter? Or maybe use a Molex to 4 pin adapter to fill the missing pins? Thanks for your time and apologies for my rough English, let me know if I can provide more info.